Thursday, August 4, 2011

Why are there teeth marks in my deodorant?

I suspect my two year old has something to do with that. Yes, the same two year old that somehow managed  to get her hands on some toothpaste and eat a quarter of a tube. This was of course followed by a frantic call to her pediatrician and poison control, who informed me that a fair number of children eat toothpaste and that if it is less than half a tube or so, they usually don't need medical care. Which makes me wonder why they have the warnings all over toothpaste saying that poison control should be contacted if "more than is used for brushing" is swallowed. Anyway, I'm told by my parents that when I was a child, they would find my teethmarks in blocks of cheese and the butter, so I kind of understand the compulsion to bite into things, but deodorant? I mean, sure, toothpaste is almost a food item, all minty and delicious, but  as delicious as my tropical scented deodorant may smell, I imagine it tastes awful. Then again, I've never tasted it, so who knows? I'll have to ask her when she wakes up from her nap, where she is, no doubt, dreaming about which hygiene product she should sink her teeth into next.


  1. Why aren't there more posts? Don't act like your busy. Haha.

  2. Infants are just curious when they are teething. They try out different things, so they must always be attended to by an older responsible person. Thank goodness your child did not swallow or ingest any of the deodorant or its contents.

    Kristen Marlin